Since our inception, we proceeded to built composite unit into one of the well-recognized name in the apparel business. Through consistently high design, quality and successful marketing we have grown into a substantial force in the garments industry.

Our range of knitted garments has carved a niche for themselves in this highly competitive garments industry. All these products are appreciated by our customers for its super quality and fabulous designs. We specialize in providing matching quality fashion knitted wear, knitted infant garments creatively designed with precision and elegance to give optimum satisfaction to our clients.

We manufacture and exporter various styles of fashion knitted apparels designed specifically for our world markets with different embroidered designs under our belts and industry’s some of most experienced digitizers and operator’s is working with us. We have a composite knit unit within house knitting & dyeing facilities. It helps us to quickly and successfully turn our client’s order.

Our collection reflects designs from the remotest antiquity to the most elegant of contemporary statements, our kid’s, boy’s, girl’s, men’s and women’s knitted garments are a blend of traditional and priority styles. With the voluminous experience of garment industry we have acknowledged the needs and wants of our customers, we fabricate all these knitted garments keeping in mind the tastes and preferences of our clients, we ensure that the fabric is of products have made inroads in the international market and have etched a respectable place for our company by catering to the needs and wants of our clients in the overseas market. We serve our customers with high quality of products along with a wide range of variety in designs.

If our clients have a high-volume required for one of our existing styles, we can often custom make the order, offering them at competitive pricing, minimum starts 2000 pcs per style with turn times as quick as 10-days, we are one of the direct option for many high volume programs. Our customer service division and shipping division are open throughout the week to help our customers with prompt delivery and supply. Our team tries their best to ship the products on the same day so that it reaches you on time.

We value curiosity and strong personal initiative in the pursuit of understanding our customers’ needs and exceeding them 


Farida Garments Pvt. Limited


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